Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Swimming Merit Badge

 Now that I'm back from California, I will get back on telling you what the next fun merit badge it was in Boy Scouts. I don't have much to say about this badge, because I didn't do much paper work on it. This most fun one in Boy Scouts was the Swimming merit badge.

All I had to do to get the badge was to learn about basic technique on each swim stroke. I mostly did that at a neighbor's house who does swimming lessons for kids. Since I have passed swimming lessons from my age 10, I know how to swim much better, and then I'd earn this badge.

Then for some things about the swimming badge, I had to learn about how you can do first aid on it, like if you should know how to CPR. I'll tell you about CPR on the next badge.

This might sound a bit strange, but with most boy scouts, they swim with their shirts off. Some of my sisters, like Crafty, Princess, and Prima Donna think that boys being skins look disgusting. For just me, when I swim with the family, I just have my own swim shirts that I only use those if I'm swimming with the family.

Prima Donna

The swimming badge really helped me get used to being in the water, so that I could pass off other that talk about being in water, which is some I told you how I passed off, and some others that I will tell you soon.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Camping Merit Badge

Here is another fun badge that I passed off. It is called Camping. There were lots of times when I have been camping with other scouts and my friends. My first time at scout camp was taken in 2006. That's how I have passed off other badges there which I will tell you later on.

Scout Camp was the funnest place to go, that's where I could pass off badges that were mostly at the Great Outdoors. It took like a five day week to go there in the summer. Then I went on other camping trips to other places. Sometimes in some parts of the summer, like on 4th of July weekend, we go to my grandma's house and camp in her backyard. Then we would go to the park and have all of our rest of 4th of July day after the parade in Mt. Pleasant. We did lots of other camping trips somewhere as a family, besides our grandma's. We went to a park with a playground there. And then we usually camp out in our backyard. Then we usually like to go camping in the community on Ephraim Canyon.

Another time of camping is when my friends and I went to a camp in Wyoming. That's where we did a lot of fun activities there. We got to play fun and games there, like teamwork on how to try to do an escape without being caught. And while still camping there, we went Mountain Biking. It was a bit scary to go down a mountain while riding a bike. I was being cautious on that bike. Most of the scouts just weren't being careful. I was the only one that made it through the bottom without a single injury. That's quite a miracle. Wasn't it? Well miracles do happen, especially this miracle about my sister, Princess.

Anyway, there's still lots more camping trips I like to tell you. One of them was that I went snow camping in the mountains of Sanpete County. It was just right at our neighbor's cabin. We usually do tents while snow camping, but since there was a lot of snow at our neighbor's cabin, we made snow caves of our own. But all the rest of the boys, instead of sleeping in their snow caves, they slept in the cabin with our neighbor, I was the only Boy Scout that slept all night in the snow cave. Those other boys are just a bunch of slackers. Other things that we did while snow camping was go down halfway to the bottom of the mountain and we go sledding on a slope that our neighbor made for us. Snow camping was so much fun, it's like going there during Christmas time.

Pretty much everything covers up, but there was another time of camping was when I started to learn how to do the Backpacking merit badge. I'll tell you later on, on how I earned that one. Those are really the times of how I earned the Camping merit badge, by doing at least 20 days and nights of each camp out. Here's is also this episode off a TV show called That's So Raven. It talks about camping, and it's also hilarious of the way their camping trip is like. I bet some of my camping trips wouldn't do that.. Until next time, I will tell you what the next badge was that was really fun.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Robotics Meirt Badge

My own Robot Bug
The next badge I would like to tell you is the Robotics merit badge. It was a bit of a fun badge, because there were some hard things to talk about how robots can be easy for life.

 All I had to do to earn the badge was to learn about how robots work and I had to build one myself. Building one was not very easy, I had to look at instructions that look kind of confusing to make it look perfect, and then I had to program it. Programming it wasn't easy either. I had to some basic math on how many seconds it can do and change directions on how it can travel by its sensor. Math isn't my favorite subject.

Math isn't my favorite.
Volcano as Dangerous
Anyway, I liked writing about how robots can be useful on the Four D's. The Four D's are in four different categories that humans do not want to do or don't do well. They are Dangerous, Dirty, Dull, and Difficult. I tell you that there are dangerous situations that robots could do, like for example like a volcano can be dangerous to study when close to it, so a robot could perfectly to study volcanoes. There are others like deep space, miles below ocean surface, collapsed buildings and combats. But I can't tell you all of them, but those are the things about how robots can be useful.
Sewer as Dirty
Now there is dirty situations that robots can do, they can like inspect sewers, waste waters, pipelines, and store tanks. I could tell you that sewers are dirty for people, but not for robots. They can inspect sewers by themselves. People don't want to get all dirty wall being in the sewer. That's how we avoid getting all that toxic on us.
Painting a Car as Dull

Now there is dull situations that robots can also do. I could tell you that painting cars can be a bit boring, so a robot can do all that work so that no one would have to paint a car by hand. 

Mines as Difficult
And last but not least, is difficult situations that robots can do. Things like surgery, other require heavy lifting and strength beyond what people can do safely, like lifting huge amount of material in mines.

Robots used in Medicine
There are other useful things that robots can do, they can help with medicine. They are being designed to support doctors in all aspects of their work. They are being used to analyze test data and identify DNA defects much faster than in the past. That's how the future can be more successful with robots.

Even though that Robotics was a very hard badge, I still think it was really fun to learn all about their basic technology. Until next time, I would love to tell you what the next fun badge is.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chess Merit Badge

Since I have passed off all the merit badges, I would like to tell everyone of how Boy Scouts helped me learn throughout my journey in Boy Scouts. The first badge I would like to tell everyone is the merit badge called Chess. It's just barely new and I managed to get that badge passed off before my final court of honor.

This is how I have passed it off. I played lots of games of chess with my siblings. I kept complaining about losing, because I thought I didn't have the experience to play better. But with a lot of lessons about losing every time. These lessons were about hiding, corners, sacrifices. In the hiding one, I can't hide my king most of the game, because it can get himself in check. The corner lesson was, I try not to get my king into a corner, that would get him into check easily. The sacrifice lesson was that the game is about battling, you have to sacrifice your pieces, even though you don't want them to. Another one was No Mercy. I kind of did show too much mercy on any game. One lesson was don't play with one piece, especially the king. If you play with one piece, you'd lose easily. Another lesson was to stay away from walls, because the king can be attacked. Some of these lessons just help me play better at chess. also passed it off by doing a tournament with the family. I kept losing at each game, but it helped me learn from those mistakes. My eight-year-old brother, Sport is kind of good at chess, because he learned much better than I did. The last time I played chess when I was his age with Mom. I always kept letting Mom win, because I thought it would be fair if girls won, because their cute. In fact, with me losing at chess, it kept making my head hurt so much that I couldn't stand about sacrificing each piece. But even though I kept losing at chess, it still helps me learn how to play better. Like at Bingham High School, during lunch time. I played a game of chess with some of my friends. With the last game before lunchtime was over, I won against one of my friends. That really did help me become better with all the lessons from my Mom. Then I passed it off and got the merit badge. Later on, I will tell all of you how I passed off the other merit badges, just like I told you about the Chess badge.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Owl City Concert

I haven't got to introduce to you some of my siblings that I have, but I'll get to that soon. Right now, I just wanted to tell you about one sibling named, Teach. She is 2 years older than me, but that's okay, it's all part of a family tree. Anyway, she's on an LDS mission to Forth Worth Texas. She's doing so well, at least she's teaching everyone in Texas all about it. That's just a quick thing about her. Probably for some time, I'll talk about an entire story for each sibling and then I may talk about my accomplishment in Boys Scouts.

Right about now, I want to talk about this quick post of what she and I have done that was fun for the both of us. She is right in these pictures with me to a concert down in Salt Lake City. It was on October 1, of 2012. I know that was just last year, but I wanted to speak about this fun concert. Teach and I went to a concert downtown in Salt Lake City. This concert we went was played by my favorite famous band...OWL CITY!

I've been dying to see an Owl City concert in my life. Teach and I got to buy two tickets before the night of the concert. We dressed up in nice school clothes. I wore my Sonic shirt, because it represents about Owl City's music sounding like video games sounds. The concert was inside a special bar called The Depot. We had to wait in line to get our tickets ripped and then head on in. We followed the crowd to an open floor where the stage was. It took half an hour for it to start. The concert started with a gig by this music artist called Matthew Koma. He played a few songs for half an hour before the actual Owl City concert started. Some of the songs by Matthew Koma were really loud that mine and Teach's eardrums almost exploded into deaf-ears.
Adam Young performing

Anyway, they reset the stage with the instruments for the Owl City band. We all started to cheer when Adam Young came out from backstage and started singing. Teach and I were so thrilled to see Adam Young in person, especially up close. We never got to meet him, (I wish we had) but it was cool to see him up on stage in person. He also said a lot of things, like he said that Salt Lake City, Utah is one of his favorite places to go. Which that made me and Teach feel thrilled to hear that from the most awesome band.

They played lots of songs from multiple albums they made, especially the song called "Fireflies." We started to sing along to new songs from the Midsummer Station album, like Teach loved the song about a high speed chase song called "I'm Coming After You." The lights on the stage were so cool when they changed into lots of different colors. With one guitarist, it showed an affect on him that he used his guitar as a violin, along with a bow. Teach and I thought it was really funny.  What was also funny was when they started playing "Shooting Star," Teach and I felt some raindrops on our heads. We both laughed when we felt it.

I know almost all of the Owl City songs, since I've been hearing them a lot. Every time a song starts playing, Teach asked me what song it was, and then I tell her. We loved singing along to the songs that they played on stage. The concert lasted from 8:30 to 10:00. After the concert was over, we were both so happy that we had a lot of fun seeing the Owl City concert and seeing Adam Young up close. Teach and I got some Matthew Koma merchandises, and then we were on our way home to get some sleep. Maybe we'll have some Firefly visions in our sleep, after all, we saw the concert. It was really fun to talk about the most amazing concert that I've ever been to in all my life.
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